Cannabis Indica Strains – Check it out the Best Ones!

After you take you medical marijuana card, you can legally obtain marijuana and your doctor will make a recommendation for you based on your condition and what strain will be best for you. When you are looking to ease your symptoms there are several different marijuana strains that are available. Over a dozen marijuana strains can be found, and they have different effects and scents as well as costs depending on availability and growth rate.

Indica strains are just one of the dozens that are available and it has one of the most potent results. It can often leave you like a couch potato with how strong the outcome could be, based on the potency of the in the THC content. Cannabis Indica strains are seen as a good stress reliever even though the THC level is lower, it is stronger and that in itself is what makes it so potent.

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Those who Grow Cannabis Indica Indoors either for themselves or for a dispensary want the best in care and outcome for their medical marijuana. After all they want to know what is going into the plant that they are someone else will be ingesting, one way or another.


You can check this List of the Best Indica Strain right below:


Type: Indica/Sativa

Typical Effect: Even-keeled mental and physical effects.

Smell: Woodsy, tart berries.

Strain History: Indoor grown medicine with heritage in Blueberry and Afghani varieties.

Strain Testing: THC 10.2% CBD 0.3%


Type: Indica

Typical Effect: Restful and relaxing medicine that is also a great appetite stimulator.

Smell: Floral and spicy with a slightly sweet note.

Strain History: Afghani #1 mother & Maui Haze father. Local indoor harvest.

Strain Testing: THC 16.9% CBD 0.4%


Type: Sativa/Indica

Typical Effect: Peace of mind, calming, daytime relaxation

Smell: Tangy, a little spicy.

Strain History: Unknown AK-47 cross

Strain Testing: THC 15.0% CBD 0.2%


Type: Sativa

Typical Effect: Excellent stress and anxiety relief, mellow and relaxed, while still wide awake.

Smell: Fruity, hazy, reminiscent of tart blueberries.

Strain History: Silver Medal Winner for the category of “Best Sativa” at the S.F. Cannabis Cup 2011.Sour Diesel x Blue Dream

Strain Testing: THC 13.3% CBD 0.2%


Type: Sativa/Indica

Typical Effect: Giggly and mellow with an all-over body effect. Banana Kush is a daytime appropriate stress and pain relieving medicine.

Smell: Kush – earthy and spicy with a candy sweetness

Strain History: Grown locally in soil, indoors.

Strain Testing: THC 19.4% CBD 0.5%


Type: Indica/Sativa

Typical Effect: Couch-Lock medicine, perfect right before bed. Happy effects, can be very giggly.

Smell: Skunky/Sweet smell & taste

Strain History: Afghani Mother x DJ Short’s Blueberry.

Strain Testing THC 15.4% CBD 0.2%

Also Available in *FAT SACKS*


Type: Sativa

Typical Effect: Very potent and spacey. Highly effective for pain management without the sedative effects of an Indica. Also a great stress buster! Patients often feel uplifted and giggly.

Smell: A spicy smell with an overpowering fruity aroma.

Strain History: Blueberry x Haze

Strain Testing: Coming Soon!


Type: Indica/Sativa

Typical Effect: Speedy, dizzying, almost hallucinogenic mental effects.

Smell: Mouthwatering sweetness with berry undertones.

Strain History: Texada Timewarp x Unknown father. By Secret Valley seeds.

Strain Testing: THC 13.2% CBD 0.2%


Type: Sativa/Indica

Typical Effect: Upbeat and energetic without being too speedy, later providing a mellow comedown.

Smell: Sweet and funky grapefruit spice.

Strain History: This strain is a blend of Strawberry Diesel and (OG Kush x Fort Collins Cough)

Strain Testing: THC 19.7% CBD 0.3%


Type: Sativa

Typical Effect: Relaxing and pain easing. Even head/body effects. Appetite stimulant.

Smell: Classic OG aromas: diesel, lemony citrus, and faint hints of earthy pine.

Strain History: Local indoor harvest.

Strain Testing: Coming Soon


Type: Sativa/Indica

Typical Effect: Creative, pain relief and muscle relaxation. Daytime/early evening appropriate.

Smell: Earthy-sweet and reminiscent of fresh carrot juice.

Strain History: Cherry Pie x Durban Poison

Strain Testing: THC 16.6% CBD 0.4%


Type: 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

Typical Effect: Social, distinguished, and somewhat trippy. Helps with depression as it is very happy and uplifting.

Smell: Cheesy and savory with an unmistakable nearly gaseous and heavy smell.

Strain History: A very special phenotype of the Skunk series. Truly one of a kind.

Strain Testing: THC 17.7% CBD 0.2%


Type: Sativa/Indica

Typical Effect: Awake, clarity head/body effect

Smell: Pungent distinctive smell

Strain History: Direct Descendant of Cheese

Strain Testing: THC 16.5% CBD 0.2%


Type: 60% Indica/40% Sativa

Typical Effect: Strong, trippy, mentally energetic effects that can be confusing, but delightful.

Smell: Distinct cheese with sweet hints of cherry and grape.

Strain History: Cheese x Urkle x Space Queen.

Potency Testing: THC 14.9% CBD 0.2%



Type: Sativa/Indica

Typical Effect: Uplifted but mellow. Daytime appropriate medicine.

Smell: Pine, lemon, spice.

Strain History: Trainwreck x Trinity x Jack The Ripper. Bred by TGA Subcool Seeds.

Strain Testing: THC 15.2% CBD 0.2%


Type: Indica/Sativa

Typical Effect: Buzzy cerebral effect with a body relaxation and heaviness that creeps up. Great for relief from stress and insomnia.

Smell: Earthy, diesely, and very much like OG Kush.

Strain History: Grown locally, indoors.

Strain Testing: THC 18.1% CBD 0.4%


Type: Sativa/Indica

Aroma: Sweet, fruity candy smell with a hint of pine.

Typical Effect: The ideal medicine for depression, anxiety, and uplifting your spirits after a bad day. Euphoric and comfortable.

Strain History: A combination between Orange Velvet, Romulan and Cinderella 99. 60% Sativa and 40% Indica.

Strain Testing: Coming Soon!


Type: Sativa/Indica

Typical Effect: Uplifting with mild, comfortable body effect. This medicine may provide relief from stress and loss of appetite.

Smell: Earthy with mild diesel aromas.

Strain History: KC 33 & Casey Jones heritage.

Strain Testing: THC 12.1% CBD 0.3%


Type: Sativa/Indica

Typical Effect: This strain is a predominantly heady high with just enough body to take the edge off

Smell: This LA version of OG Kush retains that piney aroma with an added earthy undertone

Strain History: A very well made OG cross.

Strain Testing: Coming Soon


Type: Indica

Typical Effect: Even, euphoric body sensation. Very happy and relaxing. An excellent appetite stimulator.

Smell: Overwhelmingly fruity and sweet like mangoes.

Strain History: Mango’s parentage is part mango and part KC 33 and originated in 1991 when the original grower of mango let KC use it as a cross. A full Indica strain that grows large and produces well.

Strain Testing: THC 11.5% CBD <0.15%


Type: Sativa/Indica

Typical Effect: Awake, focused, uplifting and comfortable

Smell: Cheesey and a little spicy.

Strain History: This strain is remarkably similar to the original Cheeziel, but is a cross of Cheese and NYC Diesel, as opposed to Sour Diesel.

Strain Testing: THC 17.2% CBD 0.3%


Type: Varies

Typical Effect: Medicinal

Smell: Assorted scents and varieties.

Strain History: Outdoor-grown bargain medicine. Assorted scents and varieties.

Strain Testing: Results may vary.


Type: Indica/Sativa

Typical Effect: Relaxed, pain-free body effect with happy, cerebral uplift.

Smell: Earthy, kushy-sweet.

Strain History: Pinepple x Blackberry Kush, local outdoor harvest.

Strain Testing: THC 16.1% CBD 0.3%


Type: Indica

Typical Effect: Euphoric, lazy pain relief. Good for inducing sleep and relief of migraines.

Smell: Skunky and peppery with a faint citrus twist.

Strain History: This strain originated in Tennessee and went on to win the High Times Cannabis Cup. This high-yielding indica has a nice, short stature, so it would be a good strain to grow when working with height restrictions.

Strain Testing: THC 11.7% CBD 0.2%


Type: Indica

Typical Effect: Body effects, relaxing and soothing.

Smell: Citrus, fruity and pungent.

Strain History: Grown in soil, and flushed for two weeks.

Strain Testing: THC 8.1% CBD 0.2%


Type: Sativa/Indica

Typical Effect: Euphoric, happy, cerebral.

Smell: Very floral with pineapple undertones.

Strain History: Grown locally outdoors.

Strain Testing: Coming Soon


Type: Sativa/Indica

Typical Effect: Comfortable full body relaxation, calm state of mind

Smell: Exceptionally pungent acidic and slightly skunky.

Strain History: Heritag in Ed Rosenthal’s Super Bud and original.

Strain Testing: Coming soon


Type: Sativa/Indica

Typical Effect: Daytime appropriate.

Smell: Sweet earthy,with a sweet citrus scent

Strain History: Harlequin x Jack the Ripper

Strain Testing: THC 16.2% CBD 0.2%


Type: Sativa/Indica

Typical Effect: Daytime pain and depression relief. Also good for inflammation.

Smell: Sweet citrus with distinct piney undertones.

Strain History: Pineapple X Jack Herer.

Strain Testing: THC 15.9% CBD 0.3%


Type: Indica/Sativa

Typical Effect: Introspective, mellow mind with a relaxed, heavy body.

Smell: Sweet yet pungent with a mildly peppery and skunky flavor.

Strain History: Platinum OG Kush and Bubba Kush are the parents of this potent strain.

Strain Testing: Coming Soon


Type: Indica/Sativa

Typical Effect: Relaxed body with potent head effects. Evening appropriate.

Smell: Very kushy with sweet hints of fuel.

Strain History: This Girl Scout Cookies relative is a blend of Cherry Pie and Blackberry Kush.

Strain Testing: Coming Soon


Type: Indica/Sativa

Typical Effect: Initially euphoric and heady, then gives way to a relaxed, floating body feel.

Smell: Earthy, Spicy, Lemon.

Strain History: OG Kush x Lemon Skunk. Grown locally, indoors.

Strain Testing: THC 17.8% CBD 0.3%


Type: Indica

Typical Effect: Mellow and smooth, night-time appropriate

Smell: “Purple smell” with a lingering peppery scent.

Strain History: Classic purple heritage.

Strain Testing: THC 12.8% CBD 0.5%



Type: Indica

Typical Effect: Very potent and sedating pain relief.

Smell: Smooth, sweet & fruity skunk. Very flavorful!

Strain History: A member of the Purple Afghani Family.

Strain Testing: THC 19.4% CBD 0.5%


Type: Indica

Typical Effect: Great for pain relief, insomnia and loss of appetite

Smell: Exquisite scent and flavor with a blend of skunk and berries.

Strain History: A clone-only strain that grows somewhat slowly but turns an amazing shade of purple late in bloom. Originated in southern Humboldt County since approx. 1989.

Strain Testing: THC: 16.1% CBD: 0.3%


Type: Sativa/Indica

Typical Effect: Very head oriented with a nice body aspect for relaxation

Smell: This bud has the typical OG pine scent with an undertone of something spicy

Strain History: Unknown mix of OG

Strain Testing: THC 20% CBD<0.2%


Type: Indica/Sativa

Typical Effect: Mellow and contemplative. An excellent medicine for reducing mental and physical stress from the day and aiding meditation.

Smell: Citrus cleaner and pine with the faint hint of fuel.

Strain History: OG Kush (SFV cut) x Afghani #1

Strain Testing: THC 18.1% CBD 0.2%


Type: Indica

Typical Effect: Heavy body effects, Relaxing, Appetite

Smell: Pungent, Sweet, Fruity

Strain History: Grown locally indoors

Strain Testing: Coming Soon


Type: Sativa/Indica

Typical Effect: Quick to set in with the “headband” tightening effect around the hat-band area as well as a flutter behind the eyes. Quite euphoric and lazy.

Smell: Skunky, fuel, kush with hints of lemon in the background.

Strain History: Skywalker x OG Kush

Strain Testing: THC 17.4% CBD 0.2%


Type: Sativa

Typical Effect: Uplifting, energetic, productive, with an active mind.

Smell: Sour and bright.

Strain History: This is excellent Sour Diesel at a more affordable price. From the Chem Dawg/OG Kush/Diesel family.

Strain Testing: THC 18.7% CBD 0.5%


Type: 80% Sativa / 20% Indica

Typical Effect: Heady and active, alleviates depression, giggly.

Smell: Fresh and candy-sweet with a mild skunkiness.

Strain History: Strawberry Fields x Haze.

Strain Testing: THC 18.2% CBD 0.6%



Type: Sativa/Indica

Typical Effect: Intense, immediate head effects that can be felt physically behind the eyes. The potent buzz then gives way to body relaxation and couch-lock effects. The comedown can be rather de-motivating and sleepy.

Smell: Intensely sweet, fresh strawberries with subtle hints of chem/OG Kush aroma. Sweet and smooth smoke.

Strain History: Strawberry Cough x OG Kush.

Strain Testing: THC 17.7% CBD 0.3%


Type: Sativa/indica

Typical Effect: Mood-elevating, stress-free medicine that provides daytime pain relief.

Smell: Very sweet with hints of cheesy spice.

Strain History: Relative of Super Silver Haze & The Flav.

Strain Testing: THC 15.5% CBD 0.2%

Also available in *FAT SACKS*


Type: Indica

Typical Effect: Deep relaxation and pain relief.

Smell: Sweet, Floral perfume.

Strain History: This heavy body relaxer reminds us a lot of our popular Purple Rain variety, but at a bargain price!

Strain Testing: THC 18.5% CBD 0.5%


Type: Sativa/Indica

Typical Effect: Great medicine to get you through the day: keeps stress away with a subtle, comfortable body sensation.

Smell: Sweet & spicy citrus

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and pine scent.

Strain History: Premium quality Jack Herer genetics.

Strain Testing: THC 14.7% CBD 0.3%


Type: Sativa

Typical Effect: Delightful, energetic uplift. Good medicine to relieve stress, depression and pain. Ideal for daytime use.

Smell: Very pungent diesel, lemon and skunk aromas that can be detected from a distance.

Strain History: A popular member of the Chem family of strains, though her exact lineage is a subject of many debates.

Strain Testing: THC 17.8% CBD 0.2%


Type: Indica/Sativa

Typical Effect: Heavy headiness, focus, pain management and relaxation.

Smell: Sweet evergreen with alight hints of a pepper-spiciness.

Strain History: OG Kush X Durban Poison X Cherry Kush

Strain Testing: THC 22.9% CBD 0.3%


Type: Sativa

Typical Effect: A brain-thumping Sativa with effects that come on like a freight train. Very medicinal effects,

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best during the daytime, for treating migraines, pain, and nausea.

Smell: Lemon,

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pine and mint.

Strain History: Trainwreck is an old hybrid dating back to at least the 70’s from Humboldt.

Strain Testing: THC 12.6% CBD 0.5%


Type: Indica/Sativa

Typical Effect: A very indica-dominant, heavy high.

Smell: Musky flavors of lemon and pine

Strain History: FireWhite X SFV OG Kush

Strain Testing: THC 14.7% CBD <0.15%


Type: Sativa/Indica

Typical Effect: Relaxing, yet mood-elevating. This variety may be appropriate for relieving anxiety, stress, tension & headaches during the day.

Smell: Combination of candy sweetness & fruity tartness – like strawberry Twizzlers!

Strain History: A blend of G-13, Early Pearl and Sweet Nightmare varieties.

Strain Testing: THC 11.9% CBD 0.2%


Type: Sativa 60% /Indica 40%

Typical Effect: Even body-head effects. Daytime pain management.

Smell: Fresh, Fruity and Floral.

Strain History: Indian x Brazilian

Strain Testing: THC 8.9% CBD 0.2%


Type: Sativa/Indica

Typical Effect: Clear, but strong and creative head effect. Comfortable, relaxed, but active body effect.

Smell: Clean citrus scent, with a smooth and fresh flavor.

Strain History: The perfect combination of Jack Herer and the exceedingly potent G-13 strain.

Strain Testing: THC 13.0% CBD 0.2%


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